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Natural Gas and Alternative Fuel Turbines


Fuel Cell Micro Turbines


Whatever your business challenges may be, our variety of options for gas turbines are precisely designed to master the dynamic energy market environment at scale.

A combined-cycle generating plant primarily uses combustion turbines, heat-recovery steam generators (or boilers), and steam turbines to convert natural gas fuel to electricity. Natural gas is burned in the combustion turbines to produce mechanical power that is converted to electric power by the generators. For increased efficiency, the hot exhaust gases resulting from this combustion process are routed through the boiler, which produces steam and additional electricity. Combined-cycle units offer greater efficiency than traditional combustion turbines, and their operational flexibility is vital in supporting intermediate load demand.


Choose from our product range, including all of the best brands, such as Capstone, Caterpillar, GE, ProGen, and Flex, for industrial and aero derivative, ranging from 20KW up to 593 MW. Depending on your requirements, we provide you the right solution and scope for your market-specific needs.


CHP is a technology that produces electricity and thermal energy at high efficiencies using a range of technologies and fuels. With on-site power production, losses are minimized and heat that would otherwise be wasted is applied to facility loads in the form of process heating, steam, hot water, or even chilled water. CHP can be located at an individual facility or building or it can be a district energy, microgrid, and/or utility resource that provides power and thermal energy to multiple end-users. CHP equipment can provide resilient power 24/7 in the event of grid outages, and it can be paired with other distributed energy technologies like solar photovoltaics (PV) and energy storage.

Capstone Micro Turbines

Capstone Green Energy Corporation is a leading provider of customized microgrid solutions and on-site energy technology systems focused on helping customers around the globe meet their carbon reduction, energy savings and resiliency goals.


Capstone Green Energy focuses on four key business segments. Through its Energy as a Service (EaaS) business, it offers rental solutions for its microturbine energy systems and battery storage systems as well as aftermarket parts and comprehensive service contracts through a comprehensive Factory Protection Plan (FPP) product. Energy Generation Technologies (EGT) are driven by the company’s industry-leading, highly efficient, low-emission, resilient microturbine energy systems offering scalable solutions in addition to a broad range of customer-tailored solutions, including hybrid energy systems and larger frame industrial turbines Baker Hughes. The Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) segment designs and installs microgrid storage systems creating customized solutions using a combination of battery technologies and monitoring software. Through Hydrogen Energy Solutions, Capstone Green Energy offers customers a variety of hydrogen products, including the company’s microturbine energy system.


To date, Capstone has shipped over 10,000 units to 83 countries and in FY21, saved customers an estimated $217 million in annual energy costs and 397,000 tons of carbon. Total savings over the last three years are estimated at 1,115,100 tons of carbon and $698 million in annual energy savings.

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Designed to give you years of trouble free service our Medium Speed Generator Sets define reliability and efficiency. Medium speed, higher efficiency, excellent reliability, lower operational and maintenance cost and lower emissions are key design features of our line of generator sets.

Our Generator Sets offer continuous output ratings of 1500kW, 2000kW, 2500kW, 3000kW and 4400kW, while maintaining an additional power reserve of 10% for standby requirements. Each unit is capable of accepting instantaneous block loads of 110% of the continuous output rating.

Specifically designed for heavy duty industrial and utility power applications, these units are the optimal choice for continuous or peaking requirements from 1500 Kilowatts to 100 Megawatts or more. Each Generator Set is packaged on a single steel skid and include a remote mount radiator, silencer and auto paralleling switch- gear with vacuum breaker as well as remote & skid mounted advanced engine/generator controls and alarm panels.​​

These exceptional features, combined with our extremely experienced team of engineers, technicians and 24 hour technical support and field services, make our Power Generation Unit the best choice for on-site critical power plants.

Flex Energy

Derived from FlexEnergy, a manufacturer of small gas turbine generators (microturbines) and custom-fit heat exchangers, FlexEnergy Solutions expedites commercial accessibility of and outstanding localized service for the Flex Turbine®. Our supply chain is 95% USA based.

We provide on- and off-grid power that’s always on, so our customers can save money and focus on their business without interruption. From our field service teams to our engineers and support staff, we work together to provide value to our customers with power solutions that are reliable, clean, and simple. Each feature of the Flex Turbine solution is beneficial in helping our customers perform better. Combined, they deliver total product value.

Industrial, commercial, and remote facilities that have a consistent need for reliable, scalable, and low emissions power benefit from our ability to administer the highest level of service and expertise available quickly and economically.

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Solar Turbines is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines. Their turbines are used in electric power generation, gas compression and pumping systems. 


Their gas turbine engines provide clean, sustainable energy solutions that power customer needs throughout the world. We’re proud of how Solar has delivered high-value products and services to customers for over 90 years – and will for many years to come.

Solar’s customers put the Caterpillar's products to work in many areas. Turbines are used in production, processing and pipeline transmission of natural gas and crude oil, and generation of electricity and thermal energy for processing applications, such as manufacturing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food products.


Solar’s gas turbines provide electricity and heat to universities, hospitals, industrial sites and more. And, they provide applications for gas transmission/compression, storage/withdrawal, power generation, off-shore platforms and more.


The turbines can operate on a wide variety of fuels, including natural gas, distillates, NGL, LNG, coal-seam methane, hydrogen, and renewable fuels, such as landfill and sewage gases.

General Electric

Access to affordable, reliable, flexible and sustainable power is fundamental to modern life. As the world is shifting towards a lower carbon future, GE Gas Power is ready to be your partner in leveraging the role of natural gas for powering the world today and tomorrow.

Connectivity is a backbone of power generation, but the efficiencies of digital connection can be offset by cybersecurity risks and threats of disrupted supply. GE Gas Power has deep operational experience to enable an elevated view of cybersecurity issues—and the right solutions.

GE Gas Power has developed a product security program based on industry-leading standards, such as IEC 62443, to support the engineering and configuration of secure products across people, process, and technology. Our advanced solutions and modular offerings help customers quickly apply the solutions they need, when they need them. With our team’s expertise and reliance on best practices, we can help customers improve security, resilience, and compliance—so they can continue to power the future.

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2G Energy

2G Energy is a premium system partner for decentralized clean energy technology and bio-energy. The company's technologies for electricity and heat generation are among the most advanced in the industry. 2G Energy Inc. is the North American headquarters of 2G Energy AG, a leading German manufacturer of decentralized CHP power generation equipment and modular co-generation power plants.


With more than 6,500 CHP power plants delivered and installed worldwide, 2G is a global leader in biogas energy, natural gas utilization and climate protection technologies for electricity and heat generation. 2G Energy Inc.


CHP Systems guarantee extreme high energy efficiency, extracted and generated from biogas, natural gas, and 100% Hydrogen. 2G Energy Inc. offers integrated "best-in-class"​ and commercially attractive solutions, highly efficient CHP Systems for the profitable utilization of renewable energy resources.

he company provides technologically advanced and clean systems to generate electricity and heat, while reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases.





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