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Interested in a Career or Partnering with Good 3nergy? Please schedule a time to talk to G3 Leadership to Explore Opportunities!

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Join Our Team


Looking to Take Your Solar Career To a Different Level?

Join Our Team and Become an Absolute Expert in The Industry! Instead of Just Representing One Company, With One Product, Come Represent Them ALL!


We Specialize in BOTH Residential & Commercial.


Apply Today! 

Become a Partner


Interested in Partnering With Us? 

We Are Strategically Looking For Partners Throughout the Nation. Out Team of Experts Will Do the Legwork For You. Whether You're An Installer, Sell Energy Efficiency Products, Specialize in Smart Home Products, or Provide a Service, Such as Tree Trimming, We Are Always Looking For Partners. 

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Powered By G3 Franchise Model

Our Powered By G3 Model Let's Solar Teams, Take the Power Back! You Will Be in Control of How Your Operation Runs, While Getting Access to Our Partners & All of Our Tools, to Make It Easier Than Ever!

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