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Tired of Pesky Door-knockers? There is Better Way to Go solar!

Knock-Knock, who's there? Another pesky salesman pressuring you to make financial decisions you were not planning on making that day. In all honesty, it's not the salesmen that are all bad, most of them are polite and understanding when you want to be left alone. The issue is the approach. It creates a scenario, that under other circumstances you may have entertained, feel unprompted, unplanned, and semi intrusive. I know plenty of people that are actually interested in solar and wouldn't mind learning more if the meeting was planned in advanced, non-intrusive, and unbiased.

It is for that very reason that G3 was created. We offer free educational, non-intrusive, unbiased virtual consultations with solar experts that you can book for when it's most convenient for you. Let me walk you through how our process works.

Step 1: You book a virtual consultation.

Step 2: You send in your utility information.

Step 3: One of our solar experts builds out multiples proposals for your specific needs.

Step 4: You attend the virtual consultation, where you will be educated on all the ways solar can be beneficial for your specific situation, ask any and all questions you may have, and be shown multiple quotes for your project from the best companies in your area.

Step 5: You make a decision on if it makes sense to move forward based on your overall experience and the information learned and provided.

Not that scary right?

Because we are a solar brokerage, we have the flexibility of offering you the best service at the best possible price in your area, if you aren't comfortable moving forward, then we aren't comfortable moving forward either. We work for you, not the solar companies. That's why our main goal is education and ensuring you are making an informed decision, not an impulse decision.

If you found this blog insightful, and are curious about how you may benefit from solar, book a time to speak to a G3 team member today.

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