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Solar as an investment against inflation.

Is solar an investment against inflation?

Waiting a week, a month, or longer to proceed with a solar power system purchase can add up. The impact of inflation coupled with supply chain issues could add hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to your project, depending on the size of your solar system.

Solar systems are a great example of a hard asset and something that will likely increase in value with greater inflation and financial market volatility. A solar system consists of tangible property and uses free energy from the sun to create a valuable resource called electricity!

As electricity prices go up, the value of the solar asset can appreciate too! By producing electricity from the sun, you can reduce your reliance on grid power and boost energy and financial independence.

Electricity is a precious resource which is valuable to society. Owning a solar power generating asset on your property is an empowering feeling! Many of our customers would attest to this.

If finding the capital to pay for your solar power system is challenging, financing can help you buy now while prices are still low. A great way to leverage debt is borrowing at today’s low interest rate. Low interest debt can lock in your future cost of solar for your business, farm, or home.

As electricity prices climb, you can enjoy paying much less for electricity with solar power you generate and use yourself. We could see interest rates rise rapidly soon too so locking in financing today is a good move.

To summarize, time is money! Solar system installations are going up in price after many years of price declines. In addition, electricity prices may start to rise rapidly in the near future.

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