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Gas Turbines For Office Buildings, Hotels, Stadiums And Convention Centers

Whether you concern is saving money or reducing outages, gas turbines provide robust, disaster-resistant power, around-the-clock, with a lower carbon footprint and at a lower cost than grid electric.

Whether you're a property manager, real estate COO, superintendent, or the owner of an NFL team: you're look for ways to keep power up and reduce your bottom line. Energy costs - directly from your employees or from those leasing your property - can be considerable. We can offer a solution to cut your power costs, which are a considerable part of the operating costs of any large structure. Whether your concern is never-down power, back-up power, or saving money, gas turbines are a resource you should explore.

As natural gas engineering experts, are authorized re-sellers of high-end gas turbines from a variety of world-class vendors. Our aim is to deliver reliable power, and remedy high electric bills costs - tailored to your need and budget.

Why Is Natural Gas More Disaster-Resilient Than Grid Electric?

​- Natural gas lines are typically buried underground and are not exposed to falling debris and high winds.

- Supply redundancy due to multiple interconnecting pipeline points reinforces system integrity.

- Gas lines typically have bypass lines to provide redundant coverage in the event a service line does go down.

- Physical construction of the pipeline system is not subject to the dynamic found in electrical systems where local disruptions can result in cascading disruptions throughout larger portions of the system.

- Compressor units that move the gas run on gas themselves, rather than electricity, ensuring the system’s ability to move supply even during power outages.

- There is an extensive network of physical storage of natural gas to ensures supply availability.

Gas Turbines Represent A Quantum Leap In Reliable, On-Site Technology: It's Just Better All-Around:


- High Power, On-Site

- Bring power to where you need it, in a compact footprint

- Widest Fuel Tolerance Of Any Small Gas Turbine

- Can run on various gas types, including captured methane (farms)​

- Stand Alone or Grid Connect

- Independent, Parallel, or Dual-Mode

Better For The Environment

- Advanced Combustion Controls And Lowest Emissions In Its Class

- Power like this simply can't go cleaner than natural gas and Flex Energy/MBS

- Utility Electric Is Only 30% Efficient

- Microturbines push 85% (with cogeneration)​

- Clean Waste Heat

- Uncontaminated exhaust heat

Cheaper Than Electric Utility, Even With Finance Charges

- Typically about half of the $0.15 to $.30 per kWh - financing and gas cost included​

- You Own The Microturbine After Financing, And It Can Be Redeployed

- Take power generation control back from the utility company​​


- Power When You Can't Afford Outages

- Natural gas is more disaster-reliable, in addition to being more affordable, than electric

- Tens of millions of run-time hours and counting

With carbon credits starting to be enforced in major cities, natural gas turbines are a tride and true way to have a legitimate offset.

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