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Who We Are

Good 3nergy was created to radically change the solar industry as a whole. The founder, Christopher Whitt, as a renown leader in the renewable energy industry, thought that there should be a better way to go green. His vision was that there should be one place on the internet to compare every solar company, side by side, with unbiased reviews to help his clients compare their options. Most homeowners shop around and end up meeting with 3-5 different companies who end up saying the same thing... "We are the best of the best, and we have the best equipment." 


If every company claims that, who can you trust?


Here at Good 3nergy, we provide a truly unbiased education to our clients, paired with the best experience when considering renewable energy. We educate, not sell. Furthermore, we are on your team and will fight to get you the best price available. 

Good 3nergy is here to serve you. We understand how important quality and reliability is to your family or business. As your broker, we make sure that everything we offer is of the highest quality available, is affordable, and maximizes your investment. Our reputation depends on it, and in our industry, reputation is everything!


If you would like to find out more about how Good 3nergy can serve you, get in touch today.

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